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Oak Grove Resin Jewlery + Pressed Flowers

A couple fall's ago, as my growing season was coming to an end, I found myself craving a creative outlet. While I love pushing the envelope with dried bouquets that still was not enough. From this void I started pressing flowers and creating framed art along with resin pieces. 

Memorial work came naturally as I grew. I found a great interest in helping families cherish memories by creating jewelry or framed work that they can hold onto for years to come. 

the process...

Flowers are hand pressed starting a few days after memorial

I use large wooden presses to secure all flowers. Drying takes about 2 weeks. 


Pressed Frames

Most frames average 11 x 17 but frames can be smaller or larger

it is important to note some flowers press nicer than others


average frames run $75-$100 depending on sizes and flowers or phrasing if incorporated

Resin Jewlery

Pick from a variety of pendant shapes

Chain lengths vary from 16" and 30"

30" - pictured

Earings are also an option

Not a long earring fan? We also offer studs

Keychains are also a great option
Necklace Pricing


Earring Pricing


Keychain Pricing



It is important to note flowers are best preserved fresh (a few days after event). Older or dried flowers will either need to be assessed or made into a confetti and crafted into resin pieces (pictured in keychain example).

Contact me today to plan for preserving your loved ones memorial pieces

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