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Seasonal Gallery 

One of the most interesting aspects of a local flower farm is the ability to appreciate each flower in its rightful season. This adds a level of freshness that cannot be rivaled. This can be seen in each flower's extended vase life and fragrance that are harvested from our farm. Smelling a fresh Peony in spring just feels right, as is seeing the vibrant colors of a Sunflower in late summer.


Most people don't know that most cut flowers are shipped into the U.S. from Holland, Central/South America, and Israel. By the time they fly across the ocean and get on a truck headed for delivery to the middle of the country, they have already lost their fragrance and a portion of their vase life. The benefit of being a local farm is we get to avoid all the bumps and bruises that occur in shipping. Nor do we have to douse our flowers in chemicals sprayed to maintain color and the appearance of freshness.


However the downside to a local flower farm means we can not offer red roses 365 days a year, but there are other beautiful varieties that are in bloom on our farm throughout various times of the year. We do offer some of the more common varieties, but we also offer some local, and unique varieties that you can not get from your average retail grocery store. Take a look below and see what would work for you.



“If people did not love one another, I really don't see what use there would be in having any spring.”
― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables



March - June

By mid-March, we are over the cold and drab of winter and have become anxious to break ground and get our hands dirty. As the snow starts to recede and green starts to appear, our spirits are lifted by the potential for what the future growing season has in store for us. These early bloomers kick off the season with a spectacular array of colors.


Snapdragons     Magnolia Blooms & Foliage     Lilacs     Rhododendron     Yarrow


“I could never in a 100 summers get tired of this.”

― Susan Branch



June - August

Summer is the peak flower season on our farm. During this season we are surrounded by beauty, and this is the time when all our sweat equity in early spring starts to pay off. Out of all the seasons, the summer months offer up the greatest selection for you to choose from.


Strawflower    Snow on the Mountain      Explosion Grass     Sunflowers    Tuberose    Rhododendron foliage   Snapdragons      Eucalyptus     Grapes     Queen Annes Lace     Magnolia Foliage     Bachelors Button

Zinnias     Cosmos     Scabiosa

“And all at once, summer collapsed into Fall.”

― Oscar Wilde



September - November

When fall finally arrives at our farm it brings us a much-needed reprieve from the Summer heat and hungry bugs. In fall, our farm is marked with various shades of oranges, reds, yellows, purples, and browns. Whether it's the random purple coneflower in our ditches, the black-eyed Susans in our pastures, or the Dahlias/ Sunflowers blooming late in our flower garden, fall is a more relaxing and joyful time on our farm.


Grapes     Tuberose     Rhododendron Foliage     Sunflowers     Magnolia Foliage     Queen Annes Lace     Seedum

Fall Grasses     Bachelors Button     Zinnias     Strawflower     Scabiosa     Drieds     Cosmos

“Winter is the season of recovery and preparation.”

― Oscar Wilde



December - February

As the frigid air makes its way south across the prairie, preparations are already underway on our farm to get prepared for the next growing season. Winter can be solemn and filled with melancholy but there is still so much beauty our farm can offer.


Berries     Red Stem Dogwood     Cedar



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