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We are a family run farm nestled in the Bohemian Alps region of Nebraska

Family is at the heart of our business, our children, my husband and I are fortunate to spend our days working together to share our dream to cultivate more beauty into the world. 


Our flower farming journey began in 2020 amidst a worldwide pandemic. It wasn’t the ideal time to start a business, but through all the dreariness and despair we decided that the world could use a little more beauty. With that came the commitment to grow our flowers in a sustainable way to help preserve the beauty that is already around us. We cherish our environment and are committed to farming in a way that is in harmony with nature. Thus, we use only organic farming techniques to protect our local ecosystem while also maintaining a high standard of quality.


Quality drives all that we do. We spend a lot of time researching in order to make sure that we source only the very best bulbs, seeds, corms, tubers, and cuttings for our customers. We pour our hearts into delivering quality by growing some of the most immaculate flowers on Earth. Quality is embedded in every step along the process. Whether it’s selecting, sowing, planting, or harvesting, quality is our number one driver. It’s a pleasure for us to get dirt on our hands, and sweat on our brow to make this world a better place. 


Let us bring a little piece of our beautiful world into yours!



As a young girl I would spend hours in my grandparents garden. They had an old brick path that stretched from start to finish with flowers trailing onto and bridging over head. I remember being impacted by the fresh smells and colors throughout. As I grew older I would trade help with weeding for homemade pancakes, even then in the sweaty and dirty times I was still invested in the nostalgia that the garden brought. Even now I feel closest to my grandparents when working in my own gardens. 

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